All our values come down to one commitment. To do the right thing.
Photo: Construction of Knockaneden wind farm, Ireland

Our values: mean doing the right thing

When Mainstream formed in 2008, we developed a firm set of values that remain unchanged. These values are integral to us and are the cornerstone of Mainstream.  The values allow us to make decisions value-based as opposed to procedure- based or bureaucracy-based.

Safety: We believe in a safe environment for our people. By putting safety first, we have created an environment in which people work at their best – assured in the knowledge that their security is priority.

Respect: We believe in showing personal respect for everyone we deal with. Respect forms the core of the most successful relationships. And relationships are the foundation block of our business. Where there is mutual respect, trust is established and partnerships thrive.

Teamwork: We believe that by working together as a team, we deliver more. We won’t achieve our vision in isolation. By coming together, sharing information and working towards a common goal, we empower each other to deliver a sustainable future and share in its success.

Entrepreneurial approach: We believe that an entrepreneurial approach will find the solutions others can’t see. The world is facing monumental challenges. We won’t overcome them by conventional thinking. This is the time for finding new ways. Those with innovative concepts and creative solutions, coupled with the commitment to delivering them, will lead the way forward.

Sustainability: We believe in a sustainable approach to everything we do. We think about tomorrow and how today’s actions will impact our future. It’s central to everything we do. Taking the long-term view is fundamental to the success of our business; to the relationships that we form; and for the future of our planet.

Innovation: We believe that by embracing innovation we will stay ahead of the game. Our success reflects our flexibility and openness to embrace innovation across all our markets and business activities, reducing cost and maximising performance. Only by driving good practice and new ideas will we develop as a team, grow as a business and evolve as an industry.