Turbine parts delivery

Our values: mean doing the right thing

Our values have been at the heart of our operations from day one.  They have helpd us to win the trust of partners on five continents. They are the bedrock of our relationships with all of our stakeholders from global multinationals to local landowners.

 pule SAFETY

“Safety is our number one priority and is always the first item on our weekly agenda. It means we can deliver our projects on schedule and on budget, with no lost time incidents. It’s a track record we’re proud of and one we’re determined to uphold.”

Pule Segale, Project Construction, South Africa.


“Making business decisions in an efficient, streamlined way has allowed us to enter new, high growth markets before other developers, resulting in us securing more megawatts and better projects. This is evident in Chile and especially in South Africa.”

Chris Dorman, Project Development, Mexico.

 daniela RESPECT

“As we move into new communities, we work hard to earn their respect each and every time. Fortunately, having gained a reputation for being respectful we’re not starting from scratch every time and people are more open to our proposals. It often makes the difference between building a project or not.”

Daniela Rodriguez, Community Relations, Chile.


“Today over 645 million Africans do not have access to electricity. We know that wind and solar power can bring vast quantities of affordable, indigenous and sustainable power to where it’s needed, faster than any other large-scale power source. And we are working with governments and organisations across Africa to help make this vision a reality.”

 Claire Nelson, Policy & Public Affairs, Africa and Asia.


“Innovation has helped drive down the cost of renewables considerably so they’re now cheaper than new fossil fuel generation in our key growth markets. Here in Chile two of our wind projects won a recent government tender beating fossil fuel competitors on price. With imminent storage solutions the cost difference will be even greater.”

 Rodolfo Angel, Community Relations, Chile.


“The Mainstream Global Development Standard is our in-house development system which ensures the highest standards are upheld, consistently and thoroughly across our markets. As a result we have secured planning permission for 4,700 megawatts and attracted investment from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) because they know they can rely on us to uphold the highest standards of integrity.”

Maria Ryan, Development, Ireland.


“We have a strong track record for bringing together and leading world-class consortia which have won thousands of megawatts of government tenders across Europe, South America and Africa. Companies like working with us and often collaborate with us across multiple platforms in various jurisdictions.”

Livhuwani Sikhipha, Social and Economic Development, South Africa.