Solar Park

Who we are

We are an independent global developer with a proven track record in delivering large-scale wind and solar power plant to the world’s emerging economies.   We have a portfolio of renewable energy projects in excess of 8,000 megawatts in development and over 800 megawatts delivered into construction and commercial operation to date.

Mainstream was founded in 2008 by Dr Eddie O’Connor, formerly CEO and founder of global development company, Airtricity which was sold to Scottish and Southern Energy and E.ON for €1.8 billion.

Governments look at our unrivalled experience in high-growth energy markets like Chile and South Africa and know they are in safe hands.  Our proven ability to put all the elements of development in place, from consent to construction to operation means they can rely on us to guarantee delivery.  To safely and successfully unlock the sustainable energy sources that will transform their economies.

Local partners are reassured by our international experience, our resources and our commitment to local communities.  They trust us to bring their projects from blueprint to reality.

Investors look at our industry foresight, our leadership and the world-class standards that underpin our bankability.  We give them unparalleled access and early entry into emerging power markets, a reliable and consistent growth trajectory and the flexibility to choose a targeted or diversified investment strategy.

Mainstream has offices in eight countries, across five continents and currently employs over 140 experienced staff in our target markets.Who we Are Theun Ehlers quote