Atacama’s indigenous “Chunchuri” community documents its history with support from Mainstream

Mainstream Chile has collaborated with the Atacama’s Chunchuri community to produce a written account of their history and ancient culture. The project was conducted during the months of January through to March of 2016 and involved conducting and documenting a series of interviews with key members of the community who recounted their childhood experiences, family relationships, ceremonial customs, stories and other historical information. In parallel, the study was supplemented by parish archives, anthropological studies as well as visits to the Chunchuri cemetery and church.

Chunchuri Community Group

Left to right: Diego Salazar (Archaeologist), José Barboza (Secretary of the Community), Mitchel Pizarro (local consultant), Diego Melero (Historian) and Omar Barboza (President of the Community)

The final document was received by the Secretary of the Indigenous Community, José Barboza at a ceremony which was attended by the National Corporation for Indigenous Development. Speaking at the ceremony José Barboza highlighted the importance of this document: “This is big progress in terms of the reconstruction and collection of the history of this indigenous community in the city of Calama.”

Mainstream Renewable Power Chile has been working in the community developing the Tchamma Wind Farm Project since 2014. During this time it has been working closely with the Indigenous Community “Indios Atacameños del sector de Chunchuri” in Calama, developing various activities.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mainstream’s Rodolfo Angel said: “This is a very good example of where Mainstream and the indigenous community have come together to work on a very worthy project that helps preserve the history of this ancient culture.”

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