Knockaneden community

Our commitment to communities

Our business puts us at the heart of local communities.  It’s important to us to be more than good neighbours.  We strive to make a real difference to the lives of the people around us and we foster the local support that is critical to the success of renewable energy projects.

We have nurtured close relationships with communities across all our markets. Drawing on what they have taught us, we have created a unique Community Charter.  This sets out our fundamental commitment to communities on every project in every region.

We are the developer that talks to communities early and regularly.  When we take their insights and views on board, we can use them to shape projects.  When we ask them what they need most, we can develop and support initiatives that will promote social equity, economic growth and sustainability.

We aim to stimulate rural development and create jobs that provide world class skills to the community.  Mainstream is also focused on education.  We have developed and rolled out a number of initiatives in our markets promoting maths and english subjects, environmental awareness and the benefits of renewable energy.

In this short film below, see the impact of the Noupoort wind farm (South Africa)  in the local community.