Energy intensive users

Mainstream is the development partner for energy intensive users. We can develop, build and operate their wind and solar plant on their behalf.

Organisations which use large amounts of energy are facing two key challenges:

a. The impact of volatile but generally rising electricity costs on the P&L Account over the long term and
b. Exposure to Carbon/Emissions Penalties as an emerging additional element of the cost base.

There are a range of options to address these challenges. However, stabilising long-term power costs is difficult because it involves someone else taking the risk on the volatile long-term underlying fuel cost.

Forecasting gas prices three months into the future, let alone three years or 15 years is not for the faint-hearted. Carbon offset programmes involving Certificates from various programmes may be technically acceptable but confidence in their effectiveness can be undermined by doubts about how real/transparent they are perceived to be – and the most important perception here is that of customers.

Wind and solar plant are one of the very few ways that they can get an off-setting exposure in addition to the electricity that’s generated.

For many energy intensive users, the prospect of building, owning and operating their own wind or solar plant is daunting. It’s output may be only part of their overall energy needs at any given location or in any given power market, it throws up a new set of challenges while the existing ones continue and may well be an unwelcome distraction from core business.

That’s where Mainstream comes in. We can do as much – or as little as you need.

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