Government and regulators

There is a special form of partnership that we do in Mainstream which is advising governments with their policy formulation.

Governments all over the world want to be sustainable. They know it’s the right thing to do. But energy policy is about long-term goals. It’s about thinking thirty or forty years from now. Mainstream has a unique ability to envision our energy needs in 2050 and to put the building blocks in place to meet those energy requirements. Our vision for the European Supergrid is an example of our thought leadership.

We bring unique insights from our experience in global renewable energy markets. We know what works and what doesn’t work. Our role is to bring this experience to countries who want to make the transition but are not sure how.

We’ve seen countries like Germany, Spain and Denmark reap huge benefits at a macro-economic level. Consumers have actually ended up paying less for their electricity as well as having a cleaner generation portfolio.

Right across the supply chain there are huge opportunities for this technology in terms of manufacturing and job creation. The European Wind Energy Association’s estimate for offshore wind alone to 2020 is that it would generate an extra 150,000 jobs.

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