We believe strongly in a partnership approach. For us it’s important to spend time getting to know the communities and the people who are touched by our projects, ensuring they get the maximum possible benefit from the opportunities renewable energy projects bring.

All over the world landowners benefit from an additional revenue stream by having our wind turbines or solar panels on their land. We respect their land and their livelihood and work closely with them to ensure they can continue with their daily lives un-impacted by our developments.

Our reputation as a good partner and a good neighbour, shows we have a fundamental respect for those we deal with and, this is very important to us. Our company is based on six fundamental values: safety, respect, working together, entrepreneurial approach, innovation and sustainability. These values are deeply embedded into the culture of our organisation and we live them in our day to day lives. As we go about developing more wind farms in the future it’s our reputation as a good and just developer that defines who we are.

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