Solar park at sunset

Sustainable companies investing in renewables

Some of the world’s most influential companies have already committed to switch to 100% renewable energy including IKEA, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and many more. This paradigm shift away from fossil fuels to utility-scale solar and wind projects is hugely significant – not only will renewable energy save an organisation money, but it will also contribute to their positioning as a market leader in sustainability – contributing to a low carbon economy.

Following generations of costly, fluctuating fossil fuel prices, you can obtain your renewable power at a fixed price and forget about uncertainty. Fuel for renewables is free and you can calculate the long term costs upfront.

And, you may be surprised to read that renewable power is competitive with grid supplied power. This is due to a number of market conditions including; increased renewable energy capacity globally leading to economies of scale, and technological advances that have seen solar PV costs down 80% since 2008 and wind turbines down 30% since 2008.

Mainstream has already provided energy solutions to a number of customers including IKEA since 2013 where we developed and constructed wind farms for IKEA. Mainstream currently operates both wind farms for IKEA ensuring maximum output is realised.

There are a number of ways to switch to renewable energy; you can install renewable energy on your site; connect directly to a renewable energy plant near your site or you can buy renewable energy through the grid.

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