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As part of working with communities near the Aurora wind farm in the commune of Llanquihue, Mainstream collaborated in a local development program with the Ministry of Agriculture to identify the key elements to promote the development of agriculture.

Together they saw the opportunity to help communities to optimize their sowing and harvesting processes. To achieve this, Mainstream donated a rotavator to the indigenous community of Lefnahuel, located in the area of Colegual Grande in the Region of Los Lagos. The machine is used by the community since October 3 and the benefited farmers highlighted the positive outcome of this public and private initiative aimed to boost and support the development of family farming.

Alejandra Carrillo, president of Lefnahuel Indigenous community, said: “my community and I are thankful with this support from Mainstream. Definitely, this rotavator will facilitate the work in prepare our family farms. This contribution is a sign that projects like Aurora contribute not only with clean energy development, but also with the development of communities like us”.

CaptureMainstream’s Alejandra Alvarez said: “The machine has been used by the community since the beginning of October. Mainstream is delighted to have played our part in this public and private initiative aimed at boosting and supporting the development of family farming in the area.”

Mainstream has been working with the communities of Llanquihue since 2013, in the context of the development of Aurora wind farm, which will have a maximum installed generating capacity of 182MW.



Key Facts:

Purchase of community cultivator to Lefnahuel Indigenous Community to promote community family farming, and enabling them to farm more efficiently and effectively.

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Region X, Chile