IT Skills community

IT skills improvements, Chile

In 2013, the team involved in the development of the Tata Inti solar project assessed that the community nearby the project would benefit significantly from an IT skills improvement course.  The IT course would enable local business people to understand how to apply for public funding on-line, to advertise their business on-line and generally provide a better knowledge and understanding of the internet and its functionality.

Through the “Committee for Democracy in Information Technology” (CDI), an international NGO which has office in Chile, Mainstream organised for six members of the community to be trained as instructors.  Following their initial training, the community instructors have to date, rolled out the programme and provided training to over ninety-five people from nineteen community groups in the Pozo Almonte area.


Key Facts:

Mainstream worked with the ‘Committee for Democracy in IT’ to provide training for six community members enabling them to deliver the basics of the internet usage to over 95 community members already.

Project location

Tarapacá Region, Chile