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Ventolera y Ventarron Schools Programme, Chile

Mainstream Renewable PowerThe Ventolera y Ventarron schools programme was developed by Mainstream in 2013 following a number of meetings between Mainstream Chile and the directors of the schools working with the Education Department of the Commune of Llanquihue (DAEM).   It is a two year environmental education project aimed to teach four to ten year olds about the importance of the environment, conservation of natural resources and the benefits of renewable energy, in particular wind and solar.

Since the programme was launched in 2013, it has been delivered to more than 700 children from schools in the districts of Los Angeles and Llanquihue.




Key Facts:

The Ventolera y Ventarron schools programme is aimed at educating school children about renewable energy and raising awareness of the environment in a fun and educational way.

Project location

Region X, Chile