Kimberly group

Kimberley Maths and Science Academy, South Africa

Mainstream is committed to working with local communities where we are  developing our projects.  We chose to work with the respected and established MSLA so they provided extra classes and activities to 60 talented students.  Mainstream was delighted to be involved with the MSLA to provide disadvantaged students the opportunity to improve their maths and science capabilities since these subjects are critical to producing qualified engineers in the future that will manage and operate renewable energy projects across South Africa.

During the four year programme, Mainstream not only supported the programme financially but, also with their time.  Colleagues from our offices in South Africa provided guidance and insights to the students on how renewable energy could be a career path for their future.


'We are really grateful to Mainstream for sponsoring 60 grade 9 students and taking them all the way through the Matric. That was something really special'.

Anne Maclean, Founder of the Kimberley Maths and Science Leadership Academy

Key Facts:

Mainstream sponsored 60 students for the four year programme in the Maths and Science Leadership Academy in 2010.  Taking students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the programme provides extra curricular work so that these talented students can reach their full potential. In 2014, all 60 students graduated from the programme.

Project location

De Aar solar PV farm, South Africa