Ai CEO Infrastructure Project Developers’ Summit

May 3, 2017 Durban, South Africa

The Africa investor (Ai) CEO Infrastructure Project Developers Summit, held in association with Africa50, is an annual CEO gathering of Africa’s top project developers, co-developers, infrastructure investors, PPP project preparation facilities, PPP Units and infrastructure policy makers to promote the industry, forge partnerships and advance critical projects.

16:00-16:50 CEO Dialogue: Project Development as the Key Driver for Infrastructure Investment

Moody’s research confirms that Africa has the lowest project finance default rate of all regions around the world, so why do perceived project development risks still slow Africa’s infrastructure development? CEOs in this session will discuss the benefits of project development being recognized as a formal project stage with its own risk and reward matrix. Panelists will highlight innovative structures to convert project development risk into financial risk, so that project development and project developers can attract investment from venture capital and institutional investors.

Keynote Chair: Hubert Danso, CEO, Africa investor

  • Eddie O’Connor, CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power
  • Eugene Zuchenko, CEO, Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association
  • Nicholas Firzli, President, World Pensions Council
  • Bruno Bensasson, CEO Africa, ENGIE SA
  • Thierry Deau, CEO, Meridiam