The European Renewable Energy Investors Council

April 27, 2017 - April 28, 2017 St. Andrew's, Scotland

The agenda for this year’s European Renewable Energy Investors Council has been designed to generate substantive, interactive discussion among all participants.

A curated table plan will direct delegates and speakers to circular tables, allowing focused conversations after each presentation and panel.
These conversations will elaborate on the topics addressed on stage and enable all participants to express their views, contributing to the discussions that will shape the industry.

Adam Bruce, Global Head of Corporate Affairs will participate in the programme:

April 28th – Day 2 / Oxford style debate
The motion: This House believes that the current pace and cost of deployment of renewable energy is sufficient to enable us to meet our Paris Agreement obligations The debate will be preceded by a vote to determine the audience’s opinions on this current and divisive motion. Two teams (one for the motion, and one against) will then have the opportunity to argue their case and contest their opposition’s claims. After the audience has had a chance to ask it’s questions, each side will provide their closing remarks before a second vote when the winner of the debate will announced.

If you would like to make contact with Adam Bruce before the event, please email