German Technical School in Frutillar, southern Chile attend talk on energy efficiency

The initiative was organised as part of the renewable energy cooperation agreement between Mainstream Renewable Power and LICHAF

As part of Mainstream Renewable Power’s commitment to education, the company organised a talk on energy efficiency for the students of the German Chilean Industrial Secondary School (Lichaf) in Frutillar who are specialising in electricity studies.  The talk was given by representatives of the Energy Efficiency Agency, a non-profit association whose mission is to promote and raise awareness on efficient energy use. Claus Lindemann, the Mayor of Frutillar and Luis Tejos Riveros, Head of Daem, Frutillar’s Educational Department, also attended the event.

The aim of the talk was to give the students a more comprehensive understanding of sustainable energy use and was designed to raise awareness on the importance of using energy efficiently and the impact that this can have at both a local and global level. The subjects discussed were chosen to complement the energy efficiency and renewable energy module that the students of Lichaf are currently studying.

“The best way to promote the use of clean energy is through education. These kinds of initiatives are built up around two of our fundamental values, innovation and sustainability, and are designed to educate the students on renewable energy,” says Alejandra Álvarez, Mainstream Chile’s Corporate Affairs Manager.

Robert Schacht, a representative from the Energy Efficiency Agency says, “Energy efficiency could be seen as another way of generating clean energy as it cuts out superfluous energy use, freeing up this energy for other uses without generating any pollution. New generations are the driving force of change and it is very important that they understand just what can be achieved through energy efficiency.”

The Director of Lichaf, Marcia Raddatz adds, “These days it is increasingly important that we raise awareness on and promote the use of renewable energy, as this in turn will give future generations a better understanding of the importance of sustainable development.”

This initiative was carried out under the framework of the collaboration agreement between Mainstream and Lichaf. This agreement, which was signed in August of 2017, was designed to support and contribute to renewable energy education.  Since its inception last year, various different members of Mainstream’s team in Chile have given presentations for the students, broaching topics such as, climate change, wind energy, challenges for renewable energy and energy storage, among others. The students will also get the chance to visit a wind farm later this year.