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Mainstream Renewable Capital

Mainstream Renewable Capital is the financing and investment arm of Mainstream Renewable Power. It creates custom-made opportunities for investors to gain exposure to the fast growing renewable energy infrastructure sector.

Through its parent company Mainstream Renewable Power, it has access to a unique, rapidly growing, global portfolio of high quality, wind and solar generation projects at different stages, from financial close to in-development and fully operational. This 9GW portfolio spans a range of different technologies, geographies and time-lines, giving investors rich possibilities to find the investment opportunity that best suits their risk appetite and term preferences.

All of our projects are backed by long term Power Purchases Agreements (PPAs), and by credit support mechanisms including sovereign guarantees where necessary. Mainstream Renewable Power has built up a track record of working with financial institutions such as IFC, which we believe is unique in this space.

According to BNEF report June 2016, there is fundamental transformation of the world electricity system over coming decades towards renewable sources such as wind and solar. Renewables are set to take the lion’s share in terms of global investment. Some $7.8 trillion will be invested in green power, with onshore and offshore wind attracting $3.1 trillion, utility-scale, rooftop and other small-scale solar $3.4 trillion, and hydro-electric $911 billion.

MRP is uniquely positioned to benefit from the strong continued growth of the global renewable market, with an unparalleled track record, scale and international footprint, based in markets that are driven by economics rather than subsidies.

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