Mainstream helps build well as part of partnership agreement with community in Southern Chile

At the beginning of February, Mainstream, the Cufeo Oriente Neighbourhood Association and the Peñarol Sports Club celebrated the inauguration of the new community well that was installed in the Association’s headquarters. This was part of a collaborative project developed under the partnership agreement between Mainstream and the Cufeo Oriente Neighbourhood Association, located in Paillaco in the southern region of Los Ríos. This agreement, which was signed in October of 2017, involves working with members of the association to roll out different initiatives designed to help the local community achieve their development goals.

As part of this agreement, Mainstream helped to build a deep-water well so that the neighbourhood association could have access to drinking water at their head offices. Mainstream kicked off the first phase of this project in November last year with the construction of the well. For their part, the Neighbourhood Association and the Sports Club installed a water tank to connect the water to the headquarters.

This well represents an important milestone for the local community, as before this, they did not have access to clean water at their headquarters. Now they can carry on with their community and sports activities without difficulty.

“We came up with this idea because we didn’t have water in our offices, which was very inconvenient when it came to organising community events,” said Irene Barria, President of the Cufeo Oriente Neighbourhood Association. “We decided to take our problem to the company. They agreed to support this initiative and thanks to their help we were able to install the well in our headquarters,” she adds.

The Neighbourhood Association and Mainstream celebrated the inauguration of the well in early February with a shared meal that was attended by the members of the association and the local sport club, as well as the project manager and representatives of Mainstream Renewable Power.