Mainstream helps restore local cemetery as part of Partnership Agreement with Lasana Community, Chile

In July 2017, Mainstream signed a Partnership Agreement with the Lasana Community in northern Chile. Thanks to this agreement, a new project was put into action in August to restore the local cemetery. The cemetery is of great importance to the local community and this initiative gave them the opportunity to get involved in the restoration and maintenance process themselves.

The aim of this project is to restore and preserve the local graveyard, which is an ongoing task involving a number of different activities, such as hiring local people to help with the pruning and irrigation of the trees and flowers and to oversee the continued maintenance of the site. According to Benita Bautista, President of the Local Community Association, they are delighted with the work that the company has carried out as part of this initiative. “Mainstream encouraged local families to get involved with this initiative and gave them the opportunity to do good work maintaining the cemetery,” says Benita Bautista. Mainstream hired local people to help with the different tasks, giving special priority to older members of the community.

The activities carried out as part of this project included planting around 150 trees to line the pathway to the cemetery and installing a trickle irrigation system to help keep the trees in good condition.  New signs made out of cactus wood were also installed around the cemetery, along with recipients for the debris that is leftover from burial ceremonies. In addition to this, the area adjacent to the cemetery was also cleared and prepared for future expansion. Maintenance work on the cemetery will continue over the coming months.

Mainstream Renewable Power is active in this community with the Ckani wind farm project, which is located in the Loa province of northern Chile. This project is currently under development and when completed will have an installed capacity of 108 MW.

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