Mainstream hosts the ‘Dragon’s Den’ programme for the Solas Project, Ireland

The Solas Project was set up in Dublin to rejuvenate communities and to help young people (primary school-children) to overcome limitations imposed on them by social and educational disadvantage.  They are specifically encouraged through the Project to discover their abilities and self-worth.

During February and March 2014, continuing an already established association with the Solas Project, colleagues from the Dublin office will participate in the ‘Dragon’s Den’ programme.  The aim of the programme is to create an opportunity to develop an idea that could be turned into a business.  The programme enables the school-children to develop early business skills such as maintaining a business appearance, and focussing on negotiation and presentation skills.

Mainstream volunteers will provide exposure to students to a business environment, prepare them for what is involved in day to day business and develop their skills through mentoring.  The programme will also allow students an opportunity to consider the process by which an idea can be turned into business.


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