Mainstream joins 2018 Nuevo Aire campaign in southern Chile

In June of this year, the Diario Austral, a regional newspaper based in the southern region of Los Ríos, launched their Nuevo Aire Campaign for the ninth year running. This initiative is supported by various different entities such as private companies, universities, local councils and public services, and as the name (“New Air”) suggests it aims to improve the air quality in the country’s southern regions.

On Saturday the 7th of July, Mainstream Renewable Power attended the Campaign’s inaugural event, the IX edition of Expo Nuevo Aire, which took place in the Plaza Los Ríos Mall in the city of Valdivia. Alejandra Álvarez, Corporate Affairs Manager for Mainstream Renewable Power Chile, who attended the event on behalf of the company said, “In Mainstream we develop and build renewable energy projects that supply clean energy to the national matrix, displacing the energy that is generated by harmful sources that have a negative effect not only on the environment, but also on our health. The Nuevo Aire Campaign has given us the chance to help raise awareness on the importance of caring for the environment, especially the air, and to promote the responsible use of energy in an area that relies heavily on wood burning.

Rubén Soto, manager of the Diario Austral spoke about the pollution problems in Chile during a speech at the inaugural event, “According to a report by the World Health Organisation, six cities in our country are among the most polluted cities in America.” In the south of Chile, the high levels of pollution, which are aggravated by bad weather conditions and the burning of damp wood, are of growing concern. The campaign looks to raise awareness on these issues, focusing on three main areas: the correct use of wood and appliances, heat insulation to improve energy efficiency and the introduction of clean energy for heating purposes.