Mainstream provides organic recycling workshops to communities in Los Lagos, Chile

Mainstream Chile has launched organic recycling workshops for communities in the Los Lagos Region, in the vicinity of its Puelche Sur wind farm project. The aim of the workshops is to instil a sense of responsibility for caring for the environment through the recycling of organic waste. The workshops teach the process of Vermiculture (using worms to decompose organic food waste) since the cultivation of earthworms is considered one of the most practical solutions for recycling household organic waste.


‘Sustainability is one of our core values and the purpose of these workshops is to provide a simple and practical way for communities to incorporate this into their day to day lives”: said Rodolfo Angel, Community Relations Executive from Mainstream.

The series of recycling workshops started on Saturday 3rd of September and the first class took place in Colonia Ponce at the Neighbourhood Council.

Lagos workshop session

The workshops are being conducted by Professor Dan Harris-Pascales, Australian Biologist and specialist in organic recycling and edible forest who has been living in Chile since 2014 and has extensive experience working with communities. The workshops include an introduction to organic recycling and vermiculture as well as building, management, maintenance and control of earthworm vessels.

This initiative adds to many others that Mainstream Renewable Power has been carrying out in the region, such as the educational program Ventolera y Ventarron that currently takes place in three schools near the Puelche Sur Wind Farm Project.

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