Mainstream provides support for end of year field trip for school community in northern Chile

Mainstream Renewable Power sponsored four third-class students from the Pucará school in the rural town of Lasana, Alto Loa in co-operation with “Viajando Conocemos Chile”.  The initiative involved students going on an educational field trip to the Tarapaca region in Northern Chile, marking the end of their school year. The teachers, guardians and siblings of these students were also invited to participate in this activity.

The project hinges around three different axes: education, heritage and the environment. The aim of this field trip was to educate the community through a series of visits to heritage sites and areas of historical interest in the region of Tarapacá. These trips were of particular importance to this community as some of the girls and boys in this group had never travelled outside of their region. Being in a different setting and visiting new places also gave the group a chance to strengthen relationships with other members of the school community.

The field trip took place over two days. The group set out from the town of Lasana in the Antofagasta region and travelled to a small village called Pica where they visited the La Cocha thermal springs. They went on to visit La Tirana, which was followed by a trip to the Humberstone Saltpeter Office. They ended their trip in the city of Iquique where they visited the Esmeralda Museum and the Zona Franca and also got a chance to explore the city and the surrounding coastline.

Margarita Jaque Acevedo, the teacher in charge of this project and of organising the itinerary, said, “Thanks to this initiative, we were able to reinforce the three pillars that underpin our school’s mission and values; education, heritage and the environment. These areas play a key role in the daily activities that we engage in with our students.” She adds, “We are very happy to have been able to participate in this activity as it allowed the school community to get to know the Tarapacá region from both a rural and an urban perspective”.

Mainstream Renewable Power is active in this community with the Ckani wind farm project, which is located in the Loa province of northern Chile. This project is currently under development and when completed will have an installed capacity of 108 MW.