Mainstream’s Hornsea offshore wind zone reaches two significant milestones

Project One Examination Report is submitted to the Secretary of State and Project Two enters final consultation phase


The three month process for the Examining Authority to write a recommendation for Project One concluded this month. The report from the Examining Authority will set out its conclusions on the application, including reasons for those conclusions. The report will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change who will make the decision on or before 10th December 2014 on whether to grant development consent.

Project One represents the first project to be developed in the Hornsea Zone with a total generation capacity of 1,200 MW.


Project Two consultation

Phase 2 consultation for Project Two concluded on the 30th July 2014. Constructive feedback was received during the seven local consultation events held in East Lindsey, North and North East Lincolnshire during June, together with responses received by correspondence. SMart Wind is in the process of addressing all comments on the proposed Offshore Wind farm and associated infrastructure.

Following Phase 2 consultation, SMart Wind has made some minor changes to the underground onshore cable route and associated infrastructure. It is carrying out further consultation with its onshore stakeholders to provide a final opportunity to comment on minor changes to the proposed onshore cable route before being submitted to the Planning Inspectorate at the end of 2014.


Met mast at Hornsea

Met mast at Hornsea

Project Two is the second project to be developed in the Hornsea Zone and has a maximum generation capacity of up to 1,800 MW. The

offshore wind turbines for Project Two will be located in the centre of the Hornsea Zone to the north and west of Project One, covering an area of approximately 462km2. Up to 360 wind turbines could be installed as part of the design envelope being considered by Project Two with a maximum upper blade tip height of 272m.


About SMart Wind

SMart Wind is the supply chain led consortium developing the 4GW Hornsea wind farm as part of The Crown Estate’s Round 3 offshore wind programme. Leading the consortium are Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Project Ventures GmbH who formed the 50/50 joint venture in 2009. SMart Wind combines the development expertise of Mainstream Renewable Power with the financial strength of Siemens Project Ventures GmbH, which brings with it the respective expertise of Siemens Wind Power as well as Siemens Transmission & Distribution Limited. The aim of the joint venture structure is to reduce project risk by bringing on together best-in-class partners to manage the risk.


The partners are fully committed to building an offshore wind industry in the UK and together they have considerable and complementary experience in the successful development, construction and operation of large-scale renewable energy and other infrastructure projects. Both parties also bring to the consortium key relationships with leading supply chain companies that will be necessary to ensure the cost effective design, construction and long term operation of the offshore wind farms.


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