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New Markets

Mainstream has ambitious global expansion plans and is focused on growth markets such as Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and South America.

Recognising that all development work is local, Mainstream’s strategy for new market entry is to partner with local development companies or government.  This strategy has been instrumental in establishing our current portfolio of 15 gigawatts over the past eight years.  Since 2008, we have delivered 334 megawatts into operation with another 360 megawatts currently under construction.

Case Studies:

 Genesis Eco-Energy:

Mainstream entered the South African market in 2009 when it established a joint venture with local developer, Genesis Eco-Energy to co-develop an intial pipeline of over 500 megawatts.  The local knowledge and capabilities of the Genesis team matched with Mainstream’s global experience and expertise has resulted in lauded success in South Africa. To date, Mainstream South Africa has delivered 238 megawatts into commercial operation with a further 360 megawatts under construction and 250 megawatts in late stage development.  Mainstream South Africa is the most successful developer in South Africa through the Government’s renewable energy procurement programme – 848 megawatts.   It’s development pipline is in excess of 4,900 megawatts managed by a team of over thirty-five employes between our Cape Town and Johannesburg offices.

Hundreds of landowners trust Mainstream to develop projects with a conscience. That's what we do.

Hundreds of landowners trust Mainstream to develop projects with a conscience. That’s what we do.

NEK Umwelttechnik

Most recently, in 2014, Mainstream partnered with Swiss developer NEK Umwelttechnik to build out its 225 megawatt Ayitepa wind farm in Ghana.  The wind farm will start construction in early 2016.  Speaking on the partnership, Dr. Christoph Kapp NEK’s Chief Executive commented: ”After more than fifteen years of presence in Ghana, NEK is very pleased to announce that with Mainstream Renewable Power we have found a very experienced and professional partner with whom we will implement this first large scale wind project in West Africa. This project will not only contribute to a sustainable, clean and independent production of electricity, but will also be accompanied by a lot of social benefits and improvements for the local population such as labour, better education, water supply and electrification for nearby villages and towns.”

Ayitepa wind farm - key statistics

Ayitepa wind farm – key statistics