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Greenpeace 2015ClickingClean

Greenpeace has estimated that the aggregate electricity demand of our digital infrastructure back in 2011 woudl have ranked sixth in the world among countries.  The internet can and must be green.  And the good news is that a growing number of companies have begun to create a corner of the internet that is renewably powered and coal free, with over half a dozen major internet companies now committed to being 100% renewably powered, including major operators such as Apple, Facebook and Google.

Understanding Power Purchase Agreements – Funded by Power Africa, Developed by African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) and Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP)

This handbook developed by ALSF and CLDP is aimed at reducing misconceptions about Power Purchase Agreement’s (PPA’s) and accelerating PPA negotiation through an improved understanding of best practices in structuring these complex agreements.  Understanding_Power_Purchase_Agreements.

Capturing the Value of Offshore Wind – Dr Mark Cooper

This report by Dr Mark Cooper reveals the central importance of offshore wind to developing low cost energy policy in the UK. It offers a multi-criteria, portfolio approach to shaping the UK’s future electricity generation mix. Click here to download the report…


Cebr Report – The Macroeconomic Benefits Of Investment In Offshore Wind

A scenario?based assessment of the economic impacts on the UK of alternative realisations of offshore wind capacity. Click here to download the report…

Supply chain challenges for the Supergrid development & employment Opportunities

The aim of this report prepared by FOSG Working Group 3 is to assess possible supply chain constraints including education, training and employment opportunities, which will be a result of the development and construction of Supergrid. Click here to download the report…

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