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Handling venomous snakes ethically is part of the job when constructing a wind farm in South Africa

November 12, 2018 South Africa

Perdekraal East Wind Farm, in the Western Cape, is home to no less than sixteen different species of snakes, four…

Construction of the Isibindi Safe Park Community Project is underway, South Africa

November 12, 2018 South Africa

Construction of a community Safe Park in Loeriesfontein, South Africa has commenced and is on track to launch later this…

Loeriesfontein community receives a victim friendly facility support centre

November 9, 2018 South Africa

Responding to a call from members of the local Loeriesfontein community, the two Loeriesfontein wind farms, have launched a victim…

Driving School Programme underway at Noupoort, South Africa

September 25, 2018 South Africa

Noupoort Wind Farm has partnered with NGO, Think Twice, to help local youth obtain their drivers’ licence and open doors…

Kangnas wind farm forges ahead, South Africa

September 24, 2018 South Africa

The 140MW Kangnas Wind Farm, one of the REI4P’s giant Bid Window 4 projects, is gearing up for construction, having…

Perdekraal East wind farm paves the way for the construction phase, South Africa

September 17, 2018 South Africa

Perdekraal East Wind Farm, situated within the Witzenberg Local Municipality, is preparing the way to begin major construction activity on…

Local project officer for local wind farm takes the reins and shows women the way, South Africa

September 14, 2018 South Africa

Ceres resident Gaylene Koopman, has taken on the key role of local Project Officer, for what will become the Western…

Noupoort wind farm funds library for Ikhwezi Lokusa Primary School, South Africa

September 5, 2018 South Africa

The Honourable Mayor Mzwandile Toto, of Umsobomvu Municipality, cut the ribbon to commemorate the opening of the Ikhwezi Lokusa Primary…

Multi-faceted Mathematics Programme to help learners achieve better results in South Africa

September 3, 2018 South Africa

A multi-faceted analytics programme is being implemented to help address mathematics at Loeriesfontein High School, which has historically experienced a…

EnergyDRIVE teaches Northern Cape learners about renewable power, South Africa

August 16, 2018 South Africa

The custom-built EnergyDRIVE truck arrived in the Northern Cape on the last leg of its three-week educational road trip around…

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