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Schools in Loeriesfontein, South Africa celebrate Global Wind Day creatively

June 14, 2017 South Africa

Hundreds of learners in Loeriesfontein will be celebrating Global Wind Day 2017 by participating in a creative writing competition as…

Loeriesfontein wind farms launch community substance abuse prevention programme

May 29, 2017 South Africa

Loeriesfontein residents are to benefit from a community based substance abuse prevention programme which aims to provide support for victims…

Wind farms fund programme to improve Loeriesfontein learner’s literacy levels

May 16, 2017 South Africa

Loeriesfontein wind farm and Khobab wind farm are funding a literacy programme aimed at helping local Loeriesfontein primary school learners…

Mainstream collaborates with Vision 4 Change to provide eye screening programme, South Africa

April 27, 2017 South Africa

Mainstream Renewable Power has sponsored an integrated eyesight screening programme in South Africa’s Karoo region which has been implemented in…

Maths and Science Development Programme at local school in Noupoort, South Africa

April 18, 2017 South Africa

Learners at Enoch Mthetho High School in Noupoort are enjoying the benefits of a newly upgraded state-of-the-art Maths and Science…

Loeriesfontein wind farms launch remedial teacher support programme

April 11, 2017 South Africa

Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm have launched a teacher support programme aimed at relieving the burden on overcrowded…

Mainstream’s Pule Segale Selected for Future Energy Leaders’ Programme

April 10, 2017 South Africa

Mainstream Renewable Power is delighted to announce that Pule Segale, a member of its Cape Town team, has been selected…

Khobab wind farm lifts first wind turbine

March 27, 2017 South Africa

Khobab wind farm has announced that it has completed the lifting of the first of its 61 wind turbine generators,…

Noupoort wind farm stimulates enterprises through capacity building programme

March 18, 2017 South Africa

More than fifty local Noupoort entrepreneurs have graduated from a business incubation capacity building programme that is aimed at driving…

Loeriesfontein wind farm celebrates all turbines in place

March 15, 2017 South Africa

Loeriesfontein Wind Farm has announced the completion of all 61 wind turbine installations as well as having achieved over 1,25…

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