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Mainstream successfully completes community program in Northern Chile

May 29, 2017 Chile

This unique community program was carried out in partnership with PROLOA, a non-profit corporation based in the Antofagasta Region of…

Mainstream obtains planning consent for 245MW of Solar PV in Chile

February 8, 2017 Chile

Chile’s Environmental Assessment Service has approved Mainstream Renewable Power’s  245 megawatt Escondido Solar PV facility, making it one of the…

Communities from Southern Chile visit Cuel wind farm

November 16, 2016 Chile

Mainstream Chile organised a one-day visit to Cuel wind farm for fourteen members of a local neighbourhood association close to…

Mainstream provides organic recycling workshops to communities in Los Lagos, Chile

September 15, 2016 Chile

Mainstream Chile has launched organic recycling workshops for communities in the Los Lagos Region, in the vicinity of its Puelche…

Unprecedented Victory For Renewable Energy Over Fossil Fuels In Chile

August 31, 2016 Chile

Chile is a great country. Almost an island in South America, surrounded by mountains, desert and ocean, it has consistently…

Mainstream completes training programme for Llanquihue communities in Southern Chile

August 30, 2016 Chile

More than 100 people have attended a ceremony in Llanquihue to recognise more than 70 community members who successfully completed…

Mainstream Renewable Power wins seven government contracts in Chile to build one gigawatt of wind energy plants worth USD $1.65bn

August 17, 2016 Chile

Mainstream leads largest and most competitive energy tender in Chilean history with award of 986 megawatts Tender seven times oversubscribed…

Mainstream instrumental in opening of renewable energy laboratories for two technical schools in Chile

August 11, 2016 Chile

Consolidates its commitment to education and capacity building. Involved in establishing renewable energy concepts in 5 technical schools. Mainstream Renewable…

GWEC Ambassador Eddie O’Connor meets Chile President, visits Argentina

June 13, 2016 Chile

Mainstream CEO and GWEC Ambassador Eddie O’Connor completed a successful visit to South America with a meeting with President Bachelet…

Mainstream Chile obtains environmental approval for 264MW Cerro Tigre wind farm

May 5, 2016 Chile

The Service of Environmental Assessment has approved Mainstream’s 264MW Cerro Tigre wind farm located close to the town of Antofagasta…

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