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Mainstream’s GM for Chile, Manuel Tagle is elected Vice President of Renewable Energy Association

November 9, 2018 Chile

Mainstream’s General Manager for Chile, Manuel Tagle, has been elected Vice President of the country’s renewable energy association, ACERA (Asociación…

Secondary school students visit wind farm in Southern Chile

September 11, 2018 Chile

For the second year running, Mainstream welcomed a group of students from the German Chilean Industrial Secondary School (Lichaf) in…

Mainstream supports renewable energy seminar in Southern Chile

August 29, 2018 Chile

This main focus of this energy seminar was to showcase the characteristics and benefits of NCRE through an open dialogue…

Aurora Wind Farm lifts first wind turbine, Chile

August 10, 2018 Chile

The Aurora wind farm has successfully completed the installation of the first of its 43 wind turbines. Today marks an…

Mainstream joins 2018 Nuevo Aire campaign in southern Chile

July 12, 2018 Chile

In June of this year, the Diario Austral, a regional newspaper based in the southern region of Los Ríos, launched…

German Technical School in Frutillar, southern Chile attend talk on energy efficiency

July 6, 2018 Chile

The initiative was organised as part of the renewable energy cooperation agreement between Mainstream Renewable Power and LICHAF As part…

Power Transformer arrives at Sarco wind project site

June 29, 2018 Chile

Wednesday 27th of July marks a key milestone in the construction of the Sarco Wind Farm Project in northern Chile…

Sarco wind farm lifts first turbine, Chile

June 20, 2018 Chile

Sarco wind farm has announced it has reached another successful milestone that has seen the completion of the lifting of the…

Mainstream launches educational school program in Northern Chile

June 19, 2018 Chile

Following the success of the “Ventolera and Ventarrón” program in schools in southern Chile, the company is pleased to announce…

Celebrating Global Wind Day in Negrete, Chile – the first “Fiesta del Viento”

June 12, 2018 Chile

The first “Fiesta del Viento” (Wind Festival) which is organised by the Municipality of Negrete, will take place on Friday…

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