large wind farm


The Supergrid is a high voltage direct current (HVDC) network connecting offshore and onshore Supernodes which collect the renewable energy and deliver it to the existing high voltage grid on land. The Supergrid has the technology and scale to harness Europe’s abundant offshore wind in the North Sea. It is also capable of being deployed on land where there are gaps in a country’s or continent’s energy capacity.

Eddie O’Connor, former President of the Friends, formulated the initial proposals for Supergrid in 2001 resulting in the setting up of ‘The Friends of the Supergrid’ (FOSG) in 2010. FOSG is comprised of world leading companies including Siemens and ABB that have come together to promote the policy agenda for a Supergrid in Europe.

FOSG contributes regularly to European and National consultations on energy and grid and has been instrumental in shaping the EU vision for the power system of the future.

It has commissioned independent studies on the market and regulatory aspects of future grids and among its many position papers and proposals is a detailed plan for a Phase 1, European Supergrid. Its ‘Roadmap to the Supergrid Technologies’ is now the document of choice for policymakers and industrialists alike.

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