Grid Engineer, Chile


Mainstream is currently recruiting for a Grid Engineer, Chile who will take responsibility for identifying grid capacity and give support to the process to secure a grid connection for Mainstream’s onshore wind and solar projects in Chile.


  • Identify locations where there is currently grid capacity available or where there is a high likelihood of capacity being available in the future. The Development team will use this information to select identify, prioritise and select new wind and solar projects to pursue;
  • Support in the elaboration and keep updated the grid connection strategy documents for each project that clearly set out the schedule, budget, decisions, technical information required to secure a grid connection for each individual development project;
  • Revision of electrical studies and technical reports required to support each project grid strategy
  • Participate in the elaboration and revision of the grid connection agreement for all projects;
  • Support to the Grid Manager in the grid connection process for all Chile projects to ensure that the grid connection agreement and physical grid connections are delivered on schedule;
  • Take part in the meetings with the Transmission and Distribution System Owners and Operators (TO / TSO; DO / DSO) and the regulator in order to build up a strong working relationship;
  • Support to the new business team in grid connection issues;
  • Support in the application for an Electrical Grid Concession for every mainstream project as a means to enforce land and mining rights for Mainstream projects;


  • Knowledge of government and non-government policy, legislation, regulations, grid codes that apply to connecting renewable generation to the distribution and transmission networks;
  • Experience in negotiating commercial and technical terms of grid connection agreements and any associated bonds and commitments to secure the best possible deal for Mainstream;
  • Technical and commercial knowledge of transmission system, including transmission charges.
  • Fluency in both Spanish and English.
  • Likely he or she will have worked for one of the following entities:
  • A transmission or distribution system operator or owner in a department responsible for network planning or generator connections.
  • The ministry of energy or CNE.
  • An electricity generator in a department that has managed the connection of a generator to the grid network.
  • A consulting engineer or contractor who has connected a generator to the grid.
  • Good knowledge about the Electricity Markets and Renewable Industry.
  • Electrical grid concession process
  • A degree in power engineering (electrical or mechanical) is preferred but not essential if the candidate can demonstrate knowledge and experience of the grid connection process;

To apply for this role please submit your up to date CV and cover letter using our online application form.

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