Offshore advisory committee

In October 2010 Mainstream formed its Offshore Advisory Committee to support the growth of its offshore activities.

The committee’s membership is drawn from leading industrialists with particular expertise in the energy sector. The committee has been specifically designed to draw on a spectrum of skills that covers all the key commercial, technical and legislative areas expected to be central to the development of the offshore wind sector in the future.

The committee will offer insights into a wide range of issues, risks and opportunities including: safe, timely and cost effective delivery of Mainstream’s 7.6GW offshore portfolio; strategic management and expansion of that portfolio; maximisation of shareholder value; and oversight of the day to day operation of the business.

The committee comprises:

Sir Roy Gardner, non-executive director, Mainstream Renewable Power (Chairman)
Sir Brian Bender, former senior civil servant with DTI, Defra and EU experience.
• Jeff Scott, former COO Transmission for National Grid in the USA and former director with National Grid UK Transmission.
Dr Eddie O’Connor, founder and Chief Executive, Mainstream Renewable Power.
Andy Kinsella, Executive Director and CEO Offshore, Mainstream Renewable Power
Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament and MEP.